Prokopchuk, Michael 柏麥可
Creative Technical Solution Creator, Pro Cup Chucker
(/pro'kʌptʃək/, Прокопчук)
Hi, I work as a developer at Skritter building systems to help people learn Chinese and Japanese better. I'm also a master's student in computer science focusing on interactive intelligence at Georgia Tech. TypeScript is pretty cool, but so are Python, C#, Go, Postgres, and Photoshop. Someday I'll bother to actually make this into a real website.

In my spare time, I like to study linguistics and butcher foreign languages in attempts at communication. I've lived in Russia and Taiwan, and have visited over 20 countries.

Here are some of my projects/sketches:
  • Coloring maps, creative math, and computers Interactive map coloring and graph theory information presented for the Michigan State University Science Festival 2024. April 2024.
  • Zenvas (sketch) Let go and live, write in the moment. Make impermanent marks on the canvas. June 2016.
  • Particles (sketch) My take on the legally-mandated particle generator every developer is required to write when they first learn how to use the HTML canvas. December 2013.
  • Trade Simulator - web app - A "game" that originally started as a way to lean the bare metal workings of the HTML Canvas. It challenges definitions of such words as "fun," "entertaining," and "playable," but nonetheless has been an interesting project to architect and implement from the ground up using no existing canvas or game frameworks. 2016.
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